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Jane Austen’s Persuasion Essay

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by Jane Austen
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One of five thousand Mr Smiths whose names are to be met with everywhere. And what is her attraction? That she is old and sickly. Upon my word, Miss Anne Elliot, you have the most extraordinary taste! Everything that revolts other people, low company, paltry rooms, foul air, disgusting associations are inviting to you. But surely you may put off this old lady till to-morrow: Smith married someone of a low class she was frowned upon those who were above her like Sir Walter.

When Jane Austen wrote her novels she was extremely careful about how social class worked in marriages and the importance it gave even for the smallest issues, social class was almost a question of life or death. Women needed to find a husband with a high status to maintain personal status. Mary had merely connected herself with an old country family of respectability and large fortune, and had therefore given all the honour chap 1 page 3.

Mary like her father was very concerned about her personal statues and chose to get married to a wealthy and respected family. Since she was married into a family like that she was given all the honour and respect automatically regardless of what she was before.

Marriage here was shown as a social mobility. When Louisa said this, a believer of love marriages, suggested the pride that she had towards her husband, his family and herself. Even though she does not lead a happy life, she is fulfilled with the position that she has in society from the marriage she had. Jane thought the worst case scenario of a woman is not able to find a husband in her own social class and whose family cannot support her wit and wisdom of Jane Austen Mary acquired importance after becoming Mrs.

Charles Musgrove; but Anne, with an elegance of mind and sweetness of character … was nobody: However, she was barely respected or seen as a member in the family. Mary, being married into a wealthy and high social ranked family, secured her position as high in the social circle.

He has not changed at all Adamson Sir Walter dismissed Captain Wentworth as a potential husband for Anne because he had no title or wealth but now Wentworth is respected by Sir Walter since Wentworth has acquired a fortune putting him stable and rich and qualified to be respected as one in the high society. Marriage was a tool and excuse to become wealthy and respected.

Vastly women took the upper hand and advantage when considering marriage especially if it allows their lives to be prosperous. Since women had no education like the men, women had no means or opportunities to make money to live their own life of their choosing. This quote states that education was not something woman were able to grasp at all, it was given to the men at a high degree and even if women were given education and it was just to read and write a little and that was it.

They were expected to stay home and look after the house and the children. Hence women relying on making good marriages financial wise in order to live happily. Women in the upper classes had the leisure to educate themselves; however, they, like their counterparts in the lower classes, were not expected to think for themselves and were not often listened to when they did.

The lower class women had no education at all compared to the high class ladies so their words were not considered anywhere. While the high class ladies at least were able to read and write somewhat and because of their positions in society it was easier for higher class ladies to express themselves. In England back in the time, had the law where the property and wealth of the family will go to the son who will be the next in line to take responsibilities of the household.

Sir Walter has no heir; son, hence, putting his nephew William Walter Elliot, cousin of Elizabeth and her sisters next in line to the Baronet title. Hence, forcing them to marry for just wealth and prestige. Ideally the head of the house back in the time and even now the men were the head of house. However, this quote says men to be the head of the house. Therefore, pushing forth with women using marriage has a tool to get the hold of respect and money.

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Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. Sir Walter is a perfect example of a caricature of a titled landowner. Austen's treatment of him is subt. Austen also treats the Navy favorably. As a means of social mobility which undercuts the traditional landed gentry system, the Navy is a relatively progressi. This novel supports the 'domestic virtues' of the Navy, and therefore may be thought to challenge existing ideas of class.

On the other hand, Persuasion does defend the relatively rigid class structure in some ways. Anne Elliot strongly dislikes Mrs. Clay, and is averse to any marriage between her father and a woman of a lower class.

Anne finally concludes tha. Anne's marriage to Captain Wentworth of course does not disrupt the class system. Wentworth has risen in wealth and consequence during the eight years h. Anne's marriage at the end of the novel is perfectly suitable, and does not challenge the class system. What is the significance of the title "Persuasion"? How are the novel's characters positively and negatively affected by persuasion in the story?

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Jane Austen's Persuasion Essay Words | 15 Pages. Jane Austen is a successful classic romance novelist, one of her many novels is Persuasion, a novel that portrays love. She published six novels that all relate to the theme of love and marriage along with the consequences of making that important decision.

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Persuasion - Jane Austen Essay. Janeca Latore AP English 12 Mr. Connelly April 7, Persuasion In Persuasion, the last of Jane Austen’s works, the readers are immediately intrigued by the autumnal tone of the piece, and the mellowness of .

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Throughout Jane Austen’s Persuasion, observations arise concerning the differences between the two genders. There is an ongoing dispute between what is and is not intrinsic to one gender as opposed to the other. Anne Elliot of Persuasion is a member of the noble class. Elizabeth Bennet of Pride and Prejudice is also a member of the upper class, but a rank lower than Anne as .

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Essay on Music in Jane Austen's Persuasion Words | 8 Pages. Music in Jane Austen's Persuasion In Persuasion Jane Austen tells the story of Anne, a young woman who suffers terrible losses yet does not let these losses embitter her. Jane Austen is a successful classic romance novelist, one of her many novels is Persuasion, a novel that portrays love. She published six novels that all relate to the theme of love and marriage along with the consequences of making .