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At K12, Student Safety in the Classroom Is Paramount

❶Master of Arts in Teaching.

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Which Online Education Degree Is the Best Choice for Me?
Online Education Programs

Doctor of Education - English Language Learning. Education Specialist - English Language Learning. Doctor of Philosophy in Education - Curriculum and Teaching.

Education Specialist in Educational Leadership. Education Specialist - Curriculum and Teaching. Education Specialist - Organizational Leadership. Doctor of Education - Early Childhood Education. Doctor of Education - Instructional Leadership. Doctor of Philosophy in Education - International Education.

Education Specialist - Leadership in Higher Education. Education Specialist - International Education. Doctor of Education - Curriculum and Teaching. Doctor of Philosophy in Education - Organizational Leadership.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education - Instructional Leadership. Doctor of Philosophy in Education - Special Education. Doctor of Education Ed. D - Higher Education and Adult Learning. Master of Science in Education: Master of Science in Chemistry with an Emphasis in Education. Master of Science in Biology with an Emphasis in Education.

Graduate Certificate in School Administration and Supervision. Graduate Certificate in Mind, Brain, and Teaching. MS Higher Education Administration. Master of Science in Instructional Technology - Adults. Master of Arts in Teaching: Master of Arts in Teaching - Elementary Licensure. Master of Arts in Teaching - Secondary Licensure. Master of Education in Learning and Instruction. Graduate Certificate - Instructional and Learning Design. Graduate Certificate - Behavioral Management in Autism.

Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Leadership. Graduate Teaching Certificate - Mathematics. Master of Education in human development counseling. Master of Education in Educational Technology. Master of Education in Elementary Educatio. Master of Education in Human Relations. Master of Science in Mathematics Education. Master of Arts in Science Teaching. Master of Education in Career and Technical Education. Early Childhood Education with Dual Credential.

Early Childhood Education Certificate. Master of Science in Global and International Education. Master of Science in Higher Education. Master of Science in Teaching, Learning and Curriculum: Teacher Certification Track - Secondary Education.

Master of Education - Educational Administration. Curriculum and Instruction EdD. Higher and Postsecondary Education EdD. Master of Arts in Teaching Online. Master of Education in School Counseling. Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology. Master of Arts in Education. MEd in Educational Leadership. MEd in Curriculum and Instruction - Science. MEd in Curriculum and Instruction - Reading.

MEd in Curriculum and Instruction - Mathematics. MEd in Career and Technical Education. MEd in Curriculum and Instruction - Leadership. Skip to main content. Earning an Online Education Degree The online education degree is a course of study for both the current and future teacher. To receive certification, teachers need to undergo a period of field work. What are your career goals for your future? How much time can you devote to your online education degree?

How much time each day? How much time each week? How many years in total? If time is an issue for you, you can look into special online-only program features like self-paced classes. Learn the Basics Most university programs address practical ways to teach a certain group, like preschoolers. Education theories and how humans develop How to plan lessons Insight into current trends Prepare for a Next Step Another possible plus is that credits from an Associates degree are often used as transfer credits to a Bachelors degree.

Learn What it Takes to Teach Others Most online Bachelors degree in education programs require students to complete credits. Master a content area e. STEM subjects Methods of instruction Health, safety and nutrition How language develops in children Prepare for Initial Licensure Most states require teachers to be licensed or certified in their state. Master of Arts in Teaching. Doctor of Education - E-Learning. Education Specialist - General Education.

Doctor of Education - International Education. Education Specialist - Special Education. Education Specialist - E-Learning. Doctor of Education - Special Education. Doctor of Education - General Education. Ashford University MA in Education. MA in Education - Higher Education specialization.

MA in Special Education. MA in Curriculum and Instruction. MA in Teaching and Learning with Technology. MS in Instructional Design and Technology. MS in Special Education. Walden University Doctor of Education Ed. Grand Canyon University M. Educational Psychology and Technology. California Southern University M. Ed Master in Education. Purdue University Global M. Duquesne University Instructional Technology. Tiffin University Master of Education: Master of Education in Learning Analytics.

University of the Southwest MSEd: Graduate Certificate - Behavioral Intervention in Autism. Graduate Certificate - Educational Policy. Graduate Certificate - Instructional Technology Design.

Graduate Certificate - Orientation and Mobility. Online education is a type of educational instruction that is delivered via the internet to students using their home computers. During the last decade, online degrees and courses have become popular alternative for a wide range of nontraditional students, include those who want to continue working full-time or raising families. Most of the time, online degree programs and courses are offered via the host school's online learning platform, although some are delivered using alternative technologies.

Although there are subtle dissimilarities, the main difference between online and traditional learning is the fact that online education liberates the student from the usual trappings of on-campus degree programs — including driving to school, planning their schedule around classes, and being physically present for each sequence of their coursework. If this sounds drastic, it really isn't. The truth is, the education methods and materials provided in online degree programs are often the same as those provided for on-campus programs.

A high quality degree earned in an online format should not fundamentally differ from a campus-based degree The only significant difference should be the way that the classes are delivered. Although online education is often similar to on-campus instruction, it can be delivered in a number of ways.

Distance learning is usually offered using one of these methods, or a combination of them:. No matter which type — or types — of online education one chooses to pursue, the options are typically plentiful. Where online education put down roots in just a handful of college majors, it has since expanded to nearly every field and discipline in academia, with very few exceptions.

With that being said, certain fields lend themselves to online learning for various reasons. Across the nation, the most popular degree programs offered online include:.

The benefits that come with online learning depend a lot on the individual. While some students simply enjoy the convenience of studying in their pajamas, others must choose online education in order to stay home with their children. Still, the biggest perk that comes with online degree programs has to do with location.

Online Education Degree Types

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Online Graduate Education Programs Some school districts require their teachers to have a master’s degree, so earning it online can lead to career growth for current and future educators. A graduate program in education might also provide the right state teaching credential or license and lead to .

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At DeVry University, we offer online education and college course options in business, tech and health at the undergraduate certificate, associate and bachelor's degree program levels – all with the same quality education available as in our on-campus programs.

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Online Education Is Totally Worth The Effort Online courses and degree programs are more convenient and cheaper than their counterparts in traditional education. Those are the two main advantages of online learning that lead many students to opt for online platforms when they want to . Access more than online courses from + leading institutions including Harvard, MIT, Microsoft, and more. Join millions of members worldwide. Try online classes for free today.

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Online Education WEF offers comprehensive online training materials for wastewater and stormwater professionals. Use these resources at your fingertips to study at your own pace. Earn your education degree online or on-campus – and prepare for career opportunities for yourself. Balance school with life by taking one course at a time, online or at a campus near you. Learn from curriculum designed with your future in mind – and taught by .