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882 words essay on Roman art


❶Art Conception Early Renaissance Imagine.

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To pass the time, Molina tells his cellmate stories. The dank, dark cell where the two men wear relatively minimalistic clothing is a stark contrast with the beautiful, melodramatic films that Molina narrates.

Occasionally, some brightness will intrude into the jail, such as when Molina cooks for Valentin or when he puts a scarf around his head.

Molina may make an attempt at drag, but it is relatively minor given the tools at his disposal. Art Has Always Had a. Both the statues serve the purpose of transmitting the idea that Virgin Mary and Christ the baby are the owners of absolute wisdom. One however is highly majestic and monumental while the other is simpler. Both of them communicate fundamental Christian values.

They both have a similar dark colour which suggests the dark ages in which they were created. In both cases the virgin is depicted as protective. In one case the interaction is very strong between the child and the virgin, while in the other one both figures interact with the viewer through their frontal position. In both cases virgin Mary acts as a supportive element, whether she is the one who holds the desired answer or the very throne for her son.

Both of the statues are conceived in a manner which allows them to be cult objects, subject to processes of devotion. All in all it can…… [Read More]. Art of the Invisible: Listening Responses Radio as Storytelling Like all artistic media, there are subtle and unique elements to radio which distinguish it from other forms such as the written word, TV or film. Nowhere must the radio producer be more cognizant of the uniqueness of radio than in the radio documentary.

Instead, the entire appeal of radio is that despite a common listening experience each listener creates an entirely independent experience in their mind's eye. This is a unique feature of radio that some forms such as writing have to a lesser extent and which contemporary forms such as TV and film entirely lack. Television instead compels all its consumers to experience both the same audio and visual experience…… [Read More].

Art History the Architecture of. Patterned after the old cathedral at Reims, the abbey church displays a similar set of volumes with east and west transepts with crossing towers; an especially large western apse balancing a triple apse at the opposite end. The massing of the towers around the main structure of the nave, and the rows of round arched windows set high in the walls are typical Romanesque features. The overall affect is one of fortress-like magnificence - a fitting setting for an abbey in a world that was still heavily plagued by violence, and in which the learned were as yet required to turn inward.

Symbolically, too, it represents the introspection of religion, the commitment of the devout to purge themselves of sin, and to create a pure space within themselves, one that is walled off from all external temptations. The interior plan, as well, is simple and straightforward, a two-aisled nave that…… [Read More].

Art History the Lure of. A romanticism that was rooted in the legendary European past served well to bring comfort and a sense of place in space and time to people who might otherwise have felt rootless and adrift. In its eclecticism the Richardsonian Romanesque house gave visible expression to the deepest needs and of an age. Styles and Types of North American Architecture: Social Function and Cultural Expression.

Source Docs in American Architecture and Planning. A Concise History of American Architecture. Icon Editions,…… [Read More]. Art History Willem De Kooning's. Each quadrant contains different shapes, forms, and combinations of color but all four quadrants interact harmoniously.

The balanced composition of "Woman 1" offers counterpoint to what would otherwise seem simply like chaotic brushstrokes and jagged lines.

While de Kooning paints the woman's hooves with relative clarity, her hands are blurred. They blend in seamlessly with the remainder of the canvas, again suggesting that she is in motion. The blurred hands are also unsettling, symbolizing the unearthly and even unnatural or supernatural female image. However, the woman's ample bosom forms the main foreground of "Woman 1.

The largest solid blocks of color on the canvas, the breasts are mostly white. The bright white adds shadow and creates a sense of depth in the composition. White also symbolizes breast milk. Moreover, the white in the breasts balances the black on the hooves and head as…… [Read More].

Art Giotto's Fresco of Christ's. Nicola Pisano also depicts Christ's nativity on the Baptistry pulpit in Pisa. Unlike Giotto's nativity scene, Pisano's is a marble sculpture, and the different medium lends a different feel to the composition. In Pisano's nativity, the Virgin mother appears old, austere, and detached. She looks away from her infant child in a pose exactly opposite from that of Giotto's Mary who clings desperately to her fated infant.

Pisano's Mary is also reclined but her looks off into the distance and not at Jesus. In fact, the baby Jesus floats in a space atop her outstretched body, wrapped tightly in what could just as easily be a sarcophagus as swaddling clothes.

Mary's rigid restraint is coupled with the coffin-like imagery to portend Christ's death. The tension in Pisano's piece therefore accomplishes the same thematic goal as Giotto's desperate Mary who clings to her newborn. In contrast to Giotto's sparce composition, Pisano's…… [Read More]. Violence of some sort was often depicted. Sculptures of the Roman period, not surprisingly, were very similar. Again, it is difficult to tell the difference between Greek Hellenistic sculptures and Roman originals.

And what better influence of classic Greek sculpture and its ideal art form on Roman artists than Michelangelo's David. The Baroque period is exemplified by Bernini's work at the Vatican. However, in his fine work, one cannot mistake the influence of Greco-Roman myth such as his own version of "Apollo and Daphne. Greeks were more interested in idealism. For example it's when a painter would manage to create an ideal beauty even more perfect than any of the flawed original models he was using.

Romans were more interested in realism. Ancient Art in the Ancient World Polykleitos. Ancient Art Art in the Ancient World Polykleitos, Doryphoros early fourth century BC As Paul Johnson notes, this ancient example of Greek classicalism "epitomizes a canon of male beauty embodied in mathematical proportions" p. Showing the perfection of contraposto, Doryphoros or the spear-carrier is a balanced representation of the body's muscles. Polykleitos, a contemporary of Phidias, had his own school of young artists, which carried on into the third century BC.

Polykleitos' works are treated on in his own treatise, called "The Canon," which gave explicit attention to symmetry, clarity, and wholeness, and helped steer the direction of Grecian art and sculpture. The Spear-carrier is one of the best examples of Polykleitos' teaching -- however, this example is a copy of his original, and is held in Naples -- a fitting representation of the art of Greek sculpting.

It also serves as a good example of the relationship…… [Read More]. Romanesque Art the Stylized Nature. Figures in sculpture were somewhat distorted to accentuate certain features, and in paintings where multiple figures appear often have these figures rendered in completely different scales to show the importance of one or more figures over the others represented -- figures of Jesus or of various saints often appear larger than the crowds around them, for example, forming one stylized element of omanesque art The Met ; HighBeam Another element of this stylization that was again somewhat borrowed from oman art but morphed by the other influences is the use of nature motifs in architectural sculptures as well as in many manuscript illuminations and some paintings.

Again, oman art typically represented leaves and plants as realistically as possible, but omanesque art turned these into abstractions more imbued with symbolic meaning than in the classical period HighBeam ; The Met ; King's College These elements added a great deal…… [Read More].

Lighting Techniques in Art the Human Mind. Lighting Techniques in Art The human mind is only capable of sight by means of taking light through the eye and interpreting that within the brain.

Although people did not fully understand the scientific properties of light until relatively recently, artists throughout time have had the particular challenge of creating an illusion of the existence of light within an art piece.

Human sight has an incredible range, feeding the mind images of the surrounding world from near complete darkness to the brightest of sunlight conditions. It is through this range that the world becomes reality, and it is therefore the place of art to attempt to capture this range of light. However, traditional pigments have a very limited range, and therefore the artist must find ways to make the available colors combine to create an illusion that may be interpreted by the viewer as similar to reality.

The lighting techniques…… [Read More]. Bust of Antinous the Piece of Roman. Bust of Antinous The piece of Roman art being discussed is the bust of Antinous Mondragone, which is now in the Louvre in Paris, and it came from the Mondragone villa, located in Frascati, Italy.

The artist is unknown, but it is thought to have been sculpted around AD. This beautiful sculpture represents much of Roman art at the time, and it represents a larger cultural context, as well.

The arts were becoming popular during this time in the Roman Republic, and sculpture was becoming increasingly popular after the Romans captured Syracuse during the Second Punic Wars and brought back much of the island's sculpture to display in Rome.

Roman sculpture often copied classic Greek statutes, because the artists and people admired Greek art. The sculptures were often of Roman rulers, indicating how important they were to the culture, and how they were held up by the people as…… [Read More].

Roman Sarcophagi sculptures, one sarcophagus of portraying Roman deity as portrayed on the Sarcophagus with the Indian Triumph of Dionysus' triumphal return from India, contrasted with the other the Sarcophagus Depicting a Battle between Soldiers and Amazon made for a military leader.

During the second and 3rd centuries, inhumation became more and more used than cremation, and this created a push for a greater need for sarcophagi, as the departed were placed inside these vessels. What Bacchus Meant to the Romans at Vesuvius. Here, in the villa of a wealthy oman's vacation home near Mt. Vesuvius which would fatally erupt just a century later, burying under ash and avalanche the wealthy in their very lap of luxury can be seen the Greek influence on the oman culture.

The mural depicts a number of scenes in the ite of the Cult of Bacchus across three walls within a room of the Villa, near which was a wine press, used to make wine from the local…… [Read More].

The Roman Colosseum an Engineering Masterpiece. Engineering the oman Colosseum While the Colosseum stands, ome shall stand; when the Colosseum falls, ome shall fall; when ome falls, the world shall fall. This massive amphitheatre is situated in the middle of modern ome near the oman Forum and has become an iconic representation of the oman Empire at its zenith.

Although estimates vary, analysts believe that at least 50, and perhaps as many as 80, spectators were accommodated in its capacious dimensions and the Colosseum has become the benchmark by which all subsequent stadia have been judged. Flush with the treasures and riches of Jerusalem, the builders of the Colosseum spared no expense in its design and construction, but despite its impressive seating capacity and…… [Read More]. Karim Snoussi Christoph Korner Roman. The architects are not simply referencing a general Neoclassical style but evoking specific elements of Roman architectural style that suggested wealth and success.

It also features three bas-relief panels carved into the granite over the central entrance that reflect Roman and Greek styles of decoration on public buildings.

These bas-reliefs, like the carvings on the Continental Building are meant to summon up a certain kind of wealth and triumph, in this case the capitalist economy. Buildings in the Classical world would not have had to be so direct in broadcasting their function and stature.

But the architects of this neoclassical building understood that a 20th-century clientele needed more explicit cues Hickey. Classical buildings shared a common vocabulary that had been lost…… [Read More]. Your comparison focus artists period styles. The pair choose drawn period styles. The Artemision ronze vs. Donatello's bronze David While most people are inclined to look at the Italia Renaissance as being innovative and as bringing new concepts to society, the artistic movement actually inspired from Ancient Greece.

To a certain degree, one can consider the two movements to have had a similar effect in individuals living contemporary to them, considering that they both brought on artistic revolutions.

The Artemision ronze and Donatello's bronze…… [Read More]. Art Myth and Revolt Cy. Such works bring to mind Freud's theory of genital anxiety, which is present in both men and women. At the same time - and this is where Bourgeois's revolt against myth occurs - what would otherwise be seen as a fetish object for men is deployed here as a weapon instead.

Thus, by subverting the feminine into a weapon, Bourgeois is simultaneously responding to the psychic myths of Western civilization and transgressing them in an effort to posit a new model of the real. Throughout the course of his career, Anselm Kiefer has attempted to unite myth and history through an immense terrain of entangled cultural references and pictorial techniques. In doing so, Kiefer has effectively attempted to bear the weight of our collective historical tragedies and redemptive hopes that many artists in the last forty years have attempted to convey.

Few of them, however, do it so effectively as…… [Read More]. Art and the Humanities. The impulse to create as a means of personal expression and to stimulate the imagination of viewers is universal and perpetual.

In their various manifestations, the arts play an important role in defining culture by presenting intelligent viewpoints of our present state of being, and by serving as a record of our past. The visual arts are a repository of those qualitative dimensions of life, which enhance our consciousness through the use of visual imagery. The most exquisite expression of the self is through art, be it literature, history theatre, painting, sculptor and so on.

From the wondrous Egyptian pyramids to the majestic statue of liberty, from eloquent Greek writer Homer - who produced masterpieces like the Odyssey - to 20th century literati like Palestinian journalist Edward Said -…… [Read More]. Art Analysis After Museum Visit. As a firm testament to his talents and innovations, the popularity of his work has only increased over the years following his death in Szarkowski This photographer's most important work concerned the last remaining vestiges of untouched wilderness in the nation, particularly in the national parks and other protected areas of the American est; in addition, Adams was an early and outspoken leader of the conservation movement Szarkowski 2.

This paper provides an overview of Adams and his historical significance, followed by a discussion of…… [Read More]. Art Is The Creation of Beautiful or. Teatre can be defined as wen someone cooses to make dramatic performance acting teir profession muc as a dancer cooses te ballet as teir profession. Te roots of teatre can be traced as far back as te ancient Roman Empire, troug te Renaissance in Europe and finally to te 20t century, wic saw te emergence of commercial teatre suc as musicals tat are performed in suc venues as Broadway.

Witout question, acting is someting tat only select people are really great at. Likewise, few people can really draw or paint, dance, write, sing or play music.

Tese are all considered art forms and te teatre is a culmination of all of tese in one way or anoter. Art for Communities and Families. I grew up in the projects and my mother was a teen mother since she was years old when my twin brother and I were born. In addition to loving basketball, my twin brother and I generally grew up in a rough neighborhood or environment.

The educational setting in which I participated was The educational setting or context in which I participated was similar to normal educational settings.

This setting was known as PAL, an afterschool program that assisted me with my school work and playing sports, especially basketball. Art by Itself Manson There Are. Here in this paper we will study some of the basics which are involved in all of this process. The basics for writing an essay First comes the planning stage, for any essay to be effective it must contain many different elements.

Therefore planning in the start is utmost important. Secondly, it is necessary to find a good topic. In order to find a good topic for any argument essay the writer should take note of different issues which have at least two conflicting viewpoints or many different conclusions.

It is also essential that the writer itself has a strong interest in the topic itself so that its overall task of writing is made easy…… [Read More]. Gothic Architecture The ancient cities of ome and Florence are layered ones. If one has the chance to walk the streets of these cities it is clearly that the they have had far more than the nine lives of the feline: Layer upon layer of human life and human ingenuity is displayed in the many different styles that line the streets.

While we may tend to think of ome and Florence as the classical city that they once were and of which they still bears many elements they are also in many ways Gothic cities, for some of the cities' finest examples of architecture date from the Gothic period. This paper examines two particular Gothic churches - Santa Maria Maggiore in ome and the church of S.

Maria del Fiore in Florence is no exception. Each church is examined for the combination of specific historical forces and styles, the building…… [Read More]. Myrna Colley-Lee was a collector of art who traveled the world to enhance her collection. She was a pioneer of Black Theater and Costume design and established the SonEdna organization that promotes literary arts.

Reflections is a personal story of her discovery of African-American life and community; including 50 works of art including painting, paper, photography and fabric. The works are on tour from to International Arts and Artists, This is a silver gelatin print from , an older style of photography.

He was known for experimenting with double exposures, retouching negatives and the manipulation…… [Read More].

Detroit Institute of Art. The Institute is open to the public from 9am to 4 pm, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 9am to 10 pm, on ridays, and from 10 am to 5 pm, on Sundays. Admission is free for those under 5. The museum's original building, designed by the architect Philippe Cret at the beginning of the s and opened to the public in , has suffered transformations throughout the years, through additions and alterations, but its Italian-Renaissance is still impressive…… [Read More].

Venus Role in Art. Venus in Art Introduction to Venus and Aphrodite: Throughout history, Venus has long been a source of inspiration for artists. Her representation of love and beauty has been captured in various mediums, from the visual arts of paintings and sculpture to music and drama; Venus has served as a universal symbol of beauty and has embodied the secrets of love.

Central to understanding how artists have been able to use her as such a representation of love and beauty, is understanding Venus and Aphrodite's roles in history and Greek mythology.

Venus is an ancient Italian goddess closely associated with fields and gardens and later identified by the Romans with the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Although the question as to how Venus came to be identified with so important a deity as Aphrodite remains unanswered, Venus' identification with Aphrodite is certain and because of this is often depicted in art. Gardner's Art Through The Ages Gender in Western Art has been a vexed subject since the later twentieth century, not only in terms of artistic representation of gender, but also in terms of the gender of the artists themselves.

With the rise of the feminist movement in America and elsewhere in the latter half of the twentieth century, art historians have been called to task for the relative lack of female creators in the artistic "canon" they propose.

I would like to examine questions of gender through four different artworks -- Artemisia Gentileschi's "Judith Slaying Holofernes," Pablo Picasso's portrait of Gertrude Stein, Maya Lin's Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, and Judy Chicago's "The Dinner Party" -- to ask whether any generalizations are possible about the role played by the gender of an artist in the artistic representation itself.

Modern Art Old Wine in. Rather than seeking to emulate an ideal, they sought instead to cobble together influences, styles, and techniques from a range of different traditions. Relying on what others have created without actually valuing those creations on their own merits is not respectful of either tradition or innovation.

The result was a hodge-podge of aesthetics that is not without merit, but that is criticized now and for quite a time for not having a clear focus. They often did incorporate fantastical subjects and twisted the forms of both of these creatures and of human subjects into sinewy shapes.

The effect was not so much dreamlike or even nightmarish but distorted. Even as annerist artists borrowed freely from other traditions and so seemed to devalue the worth of innovation and the allure of the new, they did…… [Read More]. Roman Religions Chicago Citation Chapter six is a detailed examination of the iconography of the Roman god Sol, particularly the depiction of the rays, or radiant energy associated with the sun god.

Many historians automatically assume that any artwork that contains a depiction of symbolic light must be associated with Sol, but the author, Steven Hijman, explained how the only acceptable forms of symbolic light that are associated with Sol are rays, radiate nimbi, and radiate crowns without lemnisci.

And this is the central theme of the chapter, whether or not "rays alone always constituted a 'solar quote' in Roman Imperial art. Installation Art The Work of.

The lonely and symmetrical blackness is stark. At first it looks ordinary, merely decorative. But the shining blackness is harsh against the blinding white of the floor, and seems even more poignant against the gleeful yellow of the brick walls around it.

Although the geometry of the work is arresting given the contrast of colors, the work does not call attention to itself as art. But upon being prompted to gaze at it, the startling black-hole like quality of the circle in the midst of a riot of color, light and openness, causes the viewer to reflect upon the work's larger meaning.

The hole conveys a greater sense of absence than the entire empty room. Paradoxically, the room feels more 'full' given the presence of a hole as its central focus, although the viewer is prompted to reflect upon absence at the sight of the hole. A single bit of…… [Read More]. Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The piece is entitled "Figurine of the Goddess adjet.

It was given to the museum from the Hearst family, famous for their collection of ancient, historically-significant pieces of art and it is obvious that despite its age, the sculpture has been carefully preserved.

This particular piece is from the 26th dynasty of Egyptian rule and is estimated to have been created between and BCE. It is unknown exactly who sculpted the figure. Since the actual date of the sculpture is unknown, it is logical that the sculptor is also a mystery. Although the figure is fairly small, only standing 13 inches high, it…… [Read More].

Surprisingly, I had never been to the museum before. It sits adjacent to Nova University, in a very beautiful and modern section of the city. The very moment I walked up to the doors, I was excited. The museum is a very interesting exterior composition, with the bright coat of abstract paint, which seems to drift down the side of one of the main exterior walls.

From looking at pictures of its old facade, I am definitely impressed with how well they have grown and opened up to facilitating the true spirit behind modern art. Pictures from their website show a much different building, one that was much more drab and boring. The new facade that now stands is much more enlightening; a true testament to the modern…… [Read More]. Diane is a native of the Eastern Shore, but has travelled all over the world to capture her images.

She has been an artist and photographer for over 30 years, and loves to use her artistic lens to examine the natural environment. In particular, we focus on Diane's view of the seascapes and natural beauty of King Island, Tasmania Art with Al, Description and ationale - Dianne Blake celebrates the natural beauty of Mother Nature with her interpretations of the land and sea of a number of environments, in this case, King Island, Tasmania.

Her work focuses on texture, color, and combinations of both that create natural wonder in paintings. In this case, Diane focuses on kelp, sponges, anemones, works, barnacles and the myriad of life in tide pools and rock ponds near the ocean shores.

Each of…… [Read More]. History of Western Art Looking. To illustrate these different views, he creates Starry Night over the Rhone. This shows the sense of anticipation that is occurring before the evening begins.

As he is depicting, a quit outdoor cafe that is waiting for: To illustrate this sense of anticipation he uses different colors and lighter brush strokes. At the same time, the lighter brush strokes are used to show the changes of time that are taking place, by making the background somewhat blurry.

This is important, because it is illustrating how the artist is trying to create that sense of realism and the passage of time, by showing their positive emotions about their past lives.

References Chase, George M. Greek, Etruscan and Roman Art. Museum of Fine Arts. Greek and Roman Art, B. The Influence of Classical Antiquity on the Renaissance. Oxford Department for Continuing Education. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. References Art and architecture of the Early Middle Ages. Titian and Venetian Painting, Dish fit for the gods. The Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Roman myth, religion, and the afterlife.

The Matter of the Gods: Religion and the Roman Empire. University of California Press, Religions of Rome, Volume 1: Cambridge University Press, Bibliography Acidini, Luchinat Cristina. Artists of the Renaissance. The Civilization of the Italian Renaissance. Art Culture View Full Essay. Tilting with the Arc. Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, The Concept of Modernism. Cornell UP, Gardner, Helen. Art through the Ages. Works Cited "Duccio di Buoninsegna: Madonna and Child The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Madonna and Child Enthroned with Two Angels And Radke, Gary M.

Art in Renaissance Italy. Laurence King Publishing, Women in Italian Renaissance Art: Manchester University Press, Gaustave Caillebotte, Paris Street: A Rainy Day, retrieved on July 9, from http: This statue was produced during the Hellenistic Period which was a time that Greece was under Roman rule.

Since the subject is of a god, there is a possibility that the patron could have even been the government. A Grave Marker had a youth who was robbed of his life while young as the subject. He was obviously a real person, while Meleager was a mythological god.

The young man, as stated earlier, would have been from a prominent family and possibly even a family that was involved in a high ranking political official. The purpose of the statue was to mark the grave of this young man. The family would have wanted this statue so that they would not forget him and that family throughout the ages would get to see the magnificence of this young man who died too soon.

Not only would family be reminded of him, but the rest of the world as well would know that he existed. It would have also had the purpose to help relieve the grief that this family obviously suffered. There would be an image on which they could focus. The Statue of Meleager would have had the purpose of illuminating the greatness of the Greek god, son of Althaea and Oeneus. He was married to Cleopatra and produced two children, Parthenopeus and Polydora. However, he was in love with Atalanta, a huntress.

It was because of her that he had to kill her two brothers, and this led to his death. The purpose of this statue in society was to keep alive the memory of the gods of Greece. Both statues would have been for public display. A Grave Marker would have been outwardly displayed on the grave and the Statue of Meleager would have been prominently displayed in a public place or the garden or courtyard of a wealthy person to be seen at lavish parties and get togethers.

Both statues are made of marble so that they would last for many years. Therefore, they would have been made for display instead of decoration. Most sculptures would have been painted, but the painted exterior of has worn away with time. Romans were nearly exclusive in the mixtures of supplies used both for painting and sculptures because of the cost. A Grave Marker is the oldest of the two sculptures. The sad countenance of the young man whose likeness is portrayed allows the viewer to experience the tragic sadness of a life that has been lost too soon.

The lines are delicate and flowing while they create a feel of movement. While the hair seems tight and a little unrealistic, it could symbolize the harsh stiffness that is present in death.

The statue only consist of the torso and head of the subject perhaps suggesting that he was cut down in life as he is in the statue. The Statue of Meleager is missing its head. However, the grace that the body can only allow the viewer to imagine the delicacy of what the head would have looked like. Meleager is standing, but instead of seeming harsh and erect, he is leaning slightly onto a stump for support, while a wrap is draped fluidly around his neck and shoulders.

There are no harsh lines in this stature, only curves, that while delicate, they do not take away from the masculinity of the subject. Cambridge University Press Accessed September 15, We will write a custom essay sample on Roman Art specifically for you. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

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Roman Art essays Art has changed a great deal since it began many centuries ago. Centuries don't notice the small changes that are shown even between cultures of alike times. Greeks and Romans both have beautiful pieces of art, but they were very different from each other. The amazing thi.

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Roman Art Essays Artscolumbia Archives. Throughout the history of Rome, from the monarchy to the late empire, religion had played a great role in it's society and was involved in almost every aspect of the life of the Roman citizen. Art has changed a great deal since it began many centuries ago. Centuries, however, are not necessary to notice the small changes that are evident even between cultures of similar times. Such is the case with the Greeks and .

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Free Roman art papers, essays, and research papers. The ancient Greeks and Romans left such artistic treasures in art and architecture that the world is still using them as models. Their sense of style and symmetry was such that everything seemed to fit together perfectly.