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459 Burger King Consumer Reviews and Complaints

❶Also, on this very exact day after midnight my daughter called me and told me to hurry and come get her because she was about to be the only one there….

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This time it was a 3 strikes! No toy in the kids meal. What is the point of a kids meal without a toy? Both sodas tasted like mildew. For 3 whole meals we were only allowed 2 napkins. We had the kids meal, a Texas Whopper Meal and a chicken fries meal plus an additional whopper.

Why would we only be allowed 2 napkins. Plus the customer service was horrible! Any soda you touch was in dark grey and said unavailable. She seemed bothered I even let her know. My husband threw away his receipt making it impossible for me to go on and leave direct feedback but I feel BK needs to know what is going on at this location! In regards to the store located at W. Half of them seemed to not even care to be there, and the other half seem to not even understand what you are saying possible language barrier but both equally rude.

Today August 8th at 8: Then she preceeded to text on her phone. I then waited for my order as I seen it drop to the bagging area and I waited 5 minutes while she continued to text on her phone. When she finally bagged my now not warm food she quickly tossed on the counter with not even a have a nice day and thanks for coming and returned to her phone.

This is not the first time this has happened. Something needs to be done for our poor service and usage of cellphones at this workplace. I was at the Horn Lake, Ms. Store on Pulaski Highway is an absolute dump. The store often engages in turning their outside lights off before recommended times, shutting down machines such as the fryer and shake machine before their designated shutdowns for cleaning and had flies buzzing everywhere in the drive-thru.

Bathroom had a cockroach under the stall!! Disgusting location full of employees who horseplay instead of making correct orders. Reported to business bureau and awaiting proper action. Waited at least five minutes before leaving.

Only in store customer at the time. Never was greeted or acknowledged. Two people were working the drive thru and nobody was at the front counter. Girl looked at me, but never made a move toward the front. Plenty of of fast foods to go to. I had to write to inform you of my experience on August 2, at 5: I went inside to make my purchase and the young person at the counter gave me superior, professional and courteous service. I asked her name and I think she said Erica my receipt is already fading.

The treatment I received was on the level of a nice restaurant! This young woman should be a manager or in a position to train the people who have customer contact. The location is St. Louis, MO, Delmar Blvd. On numerous occasions, store closed early and would not serve me. For example, on august 2, , I attempted to order at 1: Until he cleans up the disgraces of franchise owners, there is zero chance of a turnaround for the company.

On July 14th we filled out the BK experience survey due to a very poor experience that we had on that day. My husband I ordered two whoppers. What we got was two hamburger patties, not fully cooked with a few lettuce shaving, onion and pickle slopped on. On one half of the topping was out of the sandwich. I have pictures to send if you would like to see this inexcusable sandwich. I asked that to be contacted by a representative on the survey and have heard from no one from Burger King.

Cold fries, wrong order, just outright disinterested in the customer many times. I can tell you that the McDonalds in our area always seems to have two lines going thru the drive thru, you BK rarely has one car at the window. Should tell you something. Food was terrible too.

Last time that store will get money from me. Hello My son and his wife worked at the burger king in Faribault MN. They both just quit today. My son got burned and a bad burn at that. When he asked if he could go run in under some cold water. Their response was no keep pushing burgers. They are so short of staff at this place that they close the inside down and sometimes the entire store.

I was amazed what company does that?. Needless to say we will be taking my son to have his burn looked at now. We filed a complaint with the headquartes. I suggested my son get and attorney. Last week they were upset with him because he would not server moldy tomatoes to customers. He was just told to cut off the mold and serve it anyways. He refused to do that and threw the crate away. Telling them he was not going to do that and have people get sick what kind of company is this?

I had to put this out there because as a parent this kind of thing makes me sick. I told my son and his wife to make a u-tube video and put it on social media. First of all the workers in this store has to be the slowest people God ever created! The last 3 times, I have visited this place, I was not given a receipt, a very simple thing and my food was cold. Call me stuck on stupid for continuing to have faith in a business that could careless!

The service is poor! You wait in line forever! Then, when I get to the window to pay, all I see are the workers standing around talking with each other.

Why are you guys working in this type of business? There is no pride about the food, their work or customer service. Management is off in Hawaii somewhere and no one is caring or giving a darn about the type of customer service being given by the workers! Do you all realize that there are many other restaurants we can take our business to?

Burger King used to be better than this! What the heck happened! Wondering why I am receiving via email, proprietary information regarding your store which I have no clue where it is…may be the local one in Kalispell, MT.

Here is a sample of what I get copied from my email: We sold 11 new crispy chicken, 6 bacon and cheese crispy chickens, 12 bacon cheder ranch chickens, and 1 cheese crispy. For a total of 30 new. We also sold 2 sundaes. We are doing better but we need to continue to improve! We are doing well in most areas. I would like to see more people using tongs for less cross contamination. There are quite a few who have awesome communication but others who just seem to ignore it. We are a team!

With that being said, we NEED to read our tickets! Please we need to work on this and be underneath 3: So yesterday drive time were a bit high at This was in part, do to a Spartan race that was going on in this area. This is also do to people not staying in there positions.

I will work on this with them. Reader Board North side of sign: When message indicated him as a problem, he refused to do the report!

After getting my milkshakes I ask about whip cream they said it cost extra — apparently in small letters you actually have to look for. After pulling out of the drive and I need to get to work Take a taste of my milkshake and it is cold but not cold enough and very milky I pull up the straw and the mix is just falling off the straw and it looks like a cold chocolate milk drink….

I don,t have time to go back and return them instead my hard earned cash goes in the trash. Why would anyone serve a milkshake when the mix was obviously not ready.. Oh and it was about in the afternoon on a Friday I was the only car in the drive thru.

I live in Allons, TN. I could understand if it only happened once in a while but when it happens every time then I have a problem. Even if I am the only one in the drive thru like I was today my order is still wrong.

I guess I will have to take my money someplace farther down the road. I worked in food service for over twenty years and I know there is no reason for this except poor management and poor training. Something needs to be done. We had a corporate event at Fiserv office on 20 July We ordered burgers and veg Nuggets to be deliver at Fiserv premises at 5: I was in contact with Mohsin khan from the store. I started calling at 5 PM to ensure the timely delivery but the delivery came at 6 o clock and the worst past is they delivered the half order.

The remaining order was delivered at 6: July 19th at exactly 6: Anyways my fiance ordered the new Parmesan Crispy chicken sandwich. We just stopped in the BK in Shippensburg. As we were walking in there was a young girl cleaning the door step with a sponge and water…To me this is completely ridiculous and unacceptable.

I am a loyal customer of Burger King. First, the drive thru cashier did not greet us, nor did he tell us the price of our food. I was a bit confused, so i let it go. After waiting about minutes for our food, he then return with our food bag.

So forcefully that it caused me to fumble my bag of food, trying to grab a hold of it. I called the store to speak to the manager on duty. I then asked for Corporate… He also denied me of that info.

So i proceeded with asking for the owners name. Ive never been rude or disrespectful to ANY of the Burger King employees, as i appreciate them for helping with feeding my family.

However, i honestly can not handle the disrespect and carelessness of the employees. I think i will steer away from Burger King for now until they change their crew members. After getting in a long line at the drive through I finally make it to the speaker to place my order only to find out at that time that they are only accepting cash.

This is totally unacceptable as now I am trapped in a long line of cars and have to waste time waiting to be able to drive out as this location does not have any other way out. They should have posted someone outside to advise drivers of this prior to them getting stuck in line.

My theory on this behavior is that there is a sensor at the drive-up window that can be used to determine how much time it is taking for customers to receive their orders.

Please investigate this behavior, because a take-out is taking too long and if the sensor can provide this information to management this behavior needs to be stopped. I am an employee of Burger King. I had a coupon for a free coffee at the burger King on Osborne street winnipeg.

I asked the evening manager at the counter if the coffee was fresh. I told her I have every right to ask about food or liquids going into my body and whether or not they are safe and fresh to drink or eat.

She then said she could kick me out of the store for asking questions and being rude. The discrimination is clearly based on money so i have good grounds. The other bk stored around here have great service. The one on mcphillios is so good the food is HOT when you get it.

Burger King , Lemon Grove, CA, For many years off and on, the drive through cashiers have used a device on the end of a pole through the drive through window. They hold it over a specific spot on the asphalt for various times while looking behind them inside the window until something changes. Convicted of stealing money from previous employer, stealing, using and selling narcotics, currently on Federal probation with more charges pending.

Please tell me what precedent you are trying to set. What message are you trying to convey? My message is to boycott Burger King along with my friends and family , tell everyone I work with, everyone I know and everyone within shouting distance about what kind of operations you not only allow but reward and advocate. I am so upset that nobody from Burger King has bothered to contact me about a police report I made on Thursday June 22 I would like to know if anyone in this company has done anything about this, I am sure we were not the only people this has happen to, and I would like some answers,.

On June 29th I went there at 6: My first thought is well what do you have? I ended up ordering but I find it 1. Very unprofessional to have a sign on the speaker 2. Poor management and franchisee to not have the products available, I mean if I was running a business that was to let my customers have it their way!

I would have the foods that they want. I could have overlooked one item but four tells me that there is poor management going on.

I very unhappy about this experience. I was visiting my father down in Tampa Florida and stopped to get him a sandwich on the way back to the nursing home. He did not show me how it was different and did not use a counterfeit pen even after I asked him to use a pen. He proceeded to put it in his pocket and told me I had to use something else to pay. I am embarassed and appalled at the rudeness of this gentleman and the unprofessionalism.

Furthermore, I called in to your Customer Service line wherever that is, and reported this issue. I am even more shocked that I have not received a response from the company regarding this issue. Obviously, customer service at Burger King is not the strength of this company and from reading many of the comments on this site, the company does not care to address customer service issues.

You should have called the police and reported that he stole your money. He has no legal authority to take it from you whether he believed it was counterfeit or not.

I went to the Burger King on Morris Ave. We ordered through the drive through but then we saw the new Cheetos and mac sorry if I am saying wrong so when we got to the order we just wanted to add one order of that to our current order. I have never got denied being able to add something at the last minute. Especially since it is money for the business!!!!

To whom this may concern My name is Dominick E. The young lady at the counter was ringing me up and for some reason the buttons she pressed was saying add all those items so she was trying to figure out what was going on.

She then proceeded to call the manager. He started to ring in the order and he told me that i told him I ordered a triple cheese but it was clearly stated from that i ordered a triple whopper which is an honest mistake bit i was 20 minutes from work so i decided to cancel the order. It was about 2: That is not what i expect from a manager if I do not decide to get something to eat. I do not know what the policy is when a customer decides his job is more important than eating at the time, which by the way i was not in any form, shape, or fashion rude or disrespectful to any of the guys at the establishment.

I am now in awe as I am writing because that was just plain inexcusable. I am very upset because I used to go there everyday and get the sandwich with the a1 sauce and get the triple meat but with him following me and wanting to fight me is at the highest level of disrespect a person could endure. I wont stop eating at Burger King but that particular location has just lost my business forever because if he can do that to me imagine how many other people it can happen to.

I would like to thank you guys for making the sandwiches you make on a constant basis. I really appreciate you all for that and that is where i am ending this formal complaint. I work in one of the business districts where there is a major hospital, construction areas, as well as located among a well populated residential community.

A group of students and coworkers decided to compile an order and sent one of our drivers for pick up at Burger King store The order consisted of four burger meals that would have had burgers, fries, and a drink. When our driver returned, she stated that she did not receive complete orders for everyone because they had no fries or onion rings.

On five different occasions, we have gone to this specific location only to find that they had no hamburgers, no fries, or onion rings to serve to customers. This is very disturbing in the fact that many people, especially those that are bound to have to spend hours waiting at the local hospital and want to get away to clear their minds and take pleasure in a supposedly reliable restaurant , only to find that there is not a shortage of food, but none at all from the beginning of the lunch hour to closing.

Can I take your order? There was nothing on the receipt to indicate a deduction for the items we did not have. I simply told my coworker that we will just leave the matter alone, but we will no longer do business at this location and I will let the other four branches of our company know to do the same. What makes the matter less likeable is when a person who is so called a supervisor comes out with an attitude far worse than the actual workers do and expects you to take it as if the business is their own.

We ordered 2 sandwiches and had coupons. I had scraped together 2 quarters and gave the girl a ten dollar bill and the 2 quarters. She returned the change as two dollars and 2 quarters. My friend driving with me who witnessed the ten dollar bill and 2 quarters handed to this young lady. I do believe that she being so adamant about this was scamming me out of fifty cents and most likely has the routine down hoping no one notices the incorrect returned change they get.

I am informing you that you have a dishonest window cashier at this store. This person had dyed red hair. They have roaches where people self serve themselves with drinks and they have dead flies in their ice freezer that they serve to the customers through the drive through. Of course, they probably have served them to someone already, unless they saw them and removed them, because I know my daughter said she had to get two dead flies out the ice at the drive through and she had to kill two roaches where the customers fix their own drinks inside.

On the other hand, the so called managers: How can they Renea tell their employees not to wear nail polish if they gone go to the nail salon and get their nails done. They need to practice what they preach. Also, on this very exact day after midnight my daughter called me and told me to hurry and come get her because she was about to be the only one there….

When i got there the new so called Manager that they just hired whom happens to be a guy saw me and he jumped in his car and sped off like he was on a race track and I honked my horn because I had to ask him a question, but he kept going. I really would like to know who is over them. Also, when my daughter works they schedule her to come in at 4 and work to 1 on weekends and she hardly ever have an off day.

The problem is she never gets off at the time they say. It be after 2 a. They have been a pain in the ASS from day one since my daughter started there.

Something needs to be done about them. You might end up being served roaches and flies. Because of the Managers. Something really needs to be done about it.

If not them then they will tell me who. Worst food I have ever had. Ordered a fish sandwich at the drive thru. I ordered 2 whopper jr at Burger King Started to eat then noticed no cheese. Went back to cashier Clarissa and manager was there also. She said if you want cheese you have to order it. Very rude she didn,t even try to make it right. I had also ordered tea with lemon.

When i got to station to get tea there was no tea. Went back to cashier mngr said we have Fuse tea in machine. Tryed it poured it out Nasty stuff. These people at this BK rude and uncaring about customer satisfaction.

Will not eat there again. It might be time to go back to Wendy,s. Hello I would like to make you all aware of the disturbing activity that happens at the location in Salsa, California. There are multiple sexual activities of all sorts happening during all shifts. The manager named Mary was photographed on her knees with another worker named Chilion.

Chilion also has another young girl there pregnant. Her name is Angelina. Apparently all of the management is aware. I will refuse to eat there ever! I am telling everyone I know about this location and continue to send complaints until this is resolved.

There needs to be some serious intervention please. First of all, there were only 3 people working there! Secondly, people in the restaraunt were me, my husband, my son and an older couple ahead of us. The older couple had to wait about 15 minutes for their ONE order or nuggets and we waited about 10 minutes after that!

Worst meal I have had in a long long time! Fries were undercooked and cooked in obviously OLD oil. I mean, what the hell? I will complain on this establishment until something is done!!! I am very disappointed in the Burger King that is located at Houston Texas. My neice attends college nearby and picked up a job at Burger King so she could survive during the summer.

Cheryl did not grant her request and my neice continued to work the evening shift. Fast forward…as the paramedics and police arrived on the scene to treat my neice for her bumps and bruises, it was then that the supervisor on duty name Alexis told the officers that the girls had come to her and said my neice was being rude and that they were going to jump her when she got off of work.

This supervisor did not question my neice about what the girls had reported or even bothered to tell her what there remarks were. Instead she let my neice walk out by herself in the dark, to lock the door behind her and put her in harms way, which she got pretty banged up!!! Fast Forward, did the GM or supervisor return me or my sister neice mom call when we reached out to see what happened?

Did the GM or supervisor call and check on my neice after the fact? NO…what kind of company is this? I am so disappointed in the follow ups and the lack of showing any concern for my neice and her well being. The upper management should be fired immediately!!!

I can go on and on and on, but we will handle this in a different manor and I hope someone from the corporate office reads this and reach out to our family and show some concern. I have gone to burger king on Airline highway in North Baton Rouge three times this week and was unable to order food. No one came on the drive through speaker so I pulled to the window, after waiting several minutes.

There were worker there, they looked at me and kept talking to each other. This morning a stopped in at 6: I will no longer waist my time again anywhere to try to or make a purchase at Burger King. I went for breakfast at this burger king on May 27, While placing my order at the drive thru, the man taking the order was very unprofessional and rude. I decided that I was not going to spend my money there. I left the restaurant, but I decided to return to tell the manager. When I returned, I waited for 5 minutes before anyone came to assist me.

A man who said his name was Wilson, stated that he was the manager. I asked him for the store number and he said they did not have one. The corporate office and the health department should do an investigation of this location. Please save yourself the aggravation, and possibly botulism by not patronizing this restaurant in Country Side next to the movie theater.

I have also read many complaints about this location. The employees should take a field trip to Chic fil a, to see how a fast food restaurant should be operated. Hello this is Susanne. We proceeded to use the drive thru. They made a mistake as we placed our order and then she asked what we ordered again when we got to the drive thru window. And I asked for the manager and she said I was the manager.

I then told her I was looking in the bag and there was two items that were paid for that were not in the bag and she said yes they were. She then told my sister that we did something with them and hung up the phone on her. And we tried calling back and they refused to answer the phone. Burger King can thank the manager for never recieving another cent from ny household. Cause anyone who has ever went thru a drive thru understands that it is not possible to have made a mistake.

I am just writing this so that everyone can hear how my experience went today. Bk is always lacking in customer service training. I was excited to get my Jr. Whopper I had been craving and in looking at the menu board in the drive thru, I decided to also order a Caramel Frappe. I also told them they had better check the prices of everything on their board because THAT is what people expect to pay.

It amazes me how bk can spend millions of dollars to open stores and not invest In their employees. I was so ashamed to even sit in this resterant with my family it was so dirty.

And the food we ordered was cold and the milk shakes were like water not what I call a milk shake at all. And I took so pictures of just my seating area if you would like to see them.

Your Marion rd is beyond disrespectful…I live less than a block away and have been eating there for years and your new manager James is a joke. They screwed up the order and when i brought the recipient in he crumpled it up and threw it in my face.

I have had great service over the years when mistakes have been made but this was just atrocious. I tried to contact corporate to just be hung up on and have been treated horribly. If no reply i will leave a complaint with the BBB. I have never been treated so poorly by a place that should thrive on customer service. I even brought back the incorrect food in hopes that the issue would be corrected. I hope to find a resolution to this joke of service i received from James at the Marion Rd location in Rochester, Mn.

I am a first time online customer who placed an order via hellofood website, currently located here in Dubai, UAE and asked to deliver it to my brother in dammam, KSA.

Now it has been 2. The delivery man called the person who will recieve the delivery asking for location but still they didnt deliver it.

I kept on calling the restaurant and they are saying different things like the order is still there in the restaurant because no address and after few minutes they are saying that they need more info. I am so disappointed with your service.

It is just a simple order for my brother but it took too much time and effort and inconvenience for us. I spent 60 dirhams just to call the restaurant and still my card has been credited already and the refund will still take business days.

Please do something about this. I am a loyal Burger King customer here in Dubai and even in Philippines so pls dont make me so disappointed just for this thing and discontinue patronizing BK.

My order is id n8ga-1c This is perfect example of bk getting into a service they have not perfected. I get the total and head to the window. The woman at the window barely could speak English to the point where it was a pain to even get a simple idea across. Even with this i get my food and head out to my picnic spot. I get there and as I start to divide the orders out I notice I got 1 triple whopper, a double something with bacon and jalepenos, and a single whopper with mayo.

By far the worst BK experience I have had to date. I ordered a 6 Enormous Burrito combo with an additional large hashbrown. The large drink cherry coke was complete soda water — no coke, no cherry, just carbonated soda water. There was no large hashbrown nor the medium hashbrown that was included with the combo. The burrito and only the burrito was in the bag.

Every so often, this restaurant undergoes New Ownership. I paid cash for my order and was shortchanged big time and obtained the worst possible outcome for my order. What does BK plan to do about this situation? The Burger King in culpeper va is sooo nasty and filled with rude people!! I went through the dive through Thursday at I think it is ridiculous how your company have people like this working for you!

And also I ordered an double whopper with cheese and they rang me up for a double whopper and guess what,! They only put one small peace of meat on the big whopper sandwich bun!! The people u have working for this company in culpeper make your company look nasty and trashy as ever!! Never again will I be going back!!! I went through drive through at burger king in Paris Tennessee and I was over charged for two 20 piece nugget meals.

On the sign it said 4. When I was at window I asked staff what time A woman of mideastern descent takes my order. After a few minutes wait, I see the OCS' placed on the heat rack. They are put in a drive We were on our way out of town and needed something quick. We were rushed in the drive thru line it was not even busy and then asked to pull out front and wait for our food.

We waited a minimum 20 minutes for our I stopped by Burger King on Wednesday, August 29, , on my way to work. When I got to work, and opened my chicken sandwich, I was shocked to find out that the chicken was paper thin. I took a picture To Whom It May Concern: Late this afternoon, my boys 10 and 13 and I decided to frequent a Burger King restaurant near our home.

The first thing we noticed after going inside, was the large amount of flies that were inside the store. We ordered and sat down to eat. But unfortunately, the amount Went to meet my father in law at the store had a couple plastic soda bottles on the floor of my car and a Sheetz small bag to throw away. So I go up to the counter and wait. I see her warming up some biscuits and it don't take long and she tells me wait 3 more minutes and I see about 5 biscuit sitting in front of the counter.

I watch her then she says something to the other Spanish girl next to her and the other girl starts looking back at me like they mad I'm waiting at the counter. Plus the manager is fixing my biscuits with no gloves on. So then she puts 10 biscuits in the bag and there is already about 5 biscuits on the counter just sitting there. All that took almost 30 minutes. Ridiculous, I shouldn't have to wait so long while the manager is giving away my order and I have to wait.

She didn't have gloves on and she had a bad attitude. I meant what was the cook cooking in the kitchen all that time. They were moving and stuff. Are they cooking food for them or some others. I didn't get it. I bought an Arnold Palmer at the Village Cr. Location in WS, NC drive thru Tuesday, 10 Apr18, at pm and when I drank it, I don't know where this came from but it tasted like maybe mopping or cleaning water, I don't know why, it was bitter and burned my throat. I immediately threw it out.

Please reimburse me for the drink. And find out what was wrong tonight, and please email me and let me know. Went to Burger King for breakfast located in Miami Beach on the corner of the cashier.

Gives the impression that we are in the hood and I rolled up to her asking for a favor. The cook seem to think that the customers are idiots for not knowing what is stale and what is fresh.

I was served Tater Tots that was hard and cold. The actual in-store purchasing process is fine, I had no issue there. These people never answer the phones, and their website conveniently does not work. I have done the 45 min - 1.

I have been trying to call them for 2 weeks now. The only way I could submit was through the non-United States side of the website no chance this customer service team can figure out that my order is from the US. Not even sure what to do at this point, and will never have anything delivered from them again. On the morning of at 9: She said it didn't come from there and I disputed it. Then I asked why she wanted my name, and she said she would investigate the situation.

I got up to the second window and while waiting on my order I asked to speak to her again. I told her I would go to Martin's or McDonald's from now on. What kind of investigating was she going to do?? None in my opinion. I went to the Burger King in Campbell California and bought 2 whopper meals. I live only a few minutes away so took the food home only to find that all the food was stone cold.

I complained online but got no reply. After reading the numerous complaints online it's clear that Burger King does not care about their customers only in making a fast Buck. I would advise anyone to choose a different fast food restaurant as this company is the worst.

The store number is I went to Burger King after work February 1, and was given a screw in my onion rings.

I spoke to customer service about what I found. I was told someone would call me. Of course they did not so I called again. A representative did finally call and he asked where could he meet me to give him the screw. I was told after several calls that it was not Burger King's fault that I found a screw in my food because they did not make it, they brought the food from someone else. Once you buy the food it is yours and you sold it to me, Burger King does not care if their food is contaminated or objects are found in it.

They should be made to pay. Picture is on my phone. Within 2 hours of eating it all she been doing is throwing up since yesterday. It was cold and old and she got food poisoning and all the vegetables on it was old too and the pickles was even old and that all my mom ate yesterday and haven't been able to keep food down. I bought 2 Whoppers. Only ate one taking picture and throwing so nasty. Shame on Burger King for not caring about the consumer and just trying to make a quick buck.

This is a very slow service business. I see people leaving all the time, even I have left. Someone needs to learn how McDonald's and Hardee's can get people in and out of their place of business. I like BK, but they won't last long if they keep losing customers. Went thru drive thru. The guy said, "Here's your drink. Then they gave me the food. I asked, "Can I have my drink. My food was cold and tasted old.

Never go back there again. Worst burger "Double Whopper" in my life!!! Bad enough but it was Green as well!

One piece of lettuce the same diameter and Brown!!! Onion rings like Rubber! Needs fired, my last trip there! Store located on Rt 27 in Ocala Florida! Lived here for 9 yrs now, came from Portland. Loved BK in Portland area. In 9 years I've tried to get a "decent" burger and have failed. The meat is consistently cold and dry, bun slightly warm and those are the best ones.

Took 25 minutes tonight I tried again for 3 cars in front of me to get served. Got my food and it was just plain inedible!!!

Has to be the worst BK in the chain. I try about 3 times a year and give up now. I used to eat Whoppers at least 4 times a month in Portland. This morning I decided to have a quick biscuit and sausage from Burger King. My first mistake of the day. How's the weather here in Clinton Tennessee? I purchased four of those plus one senior coffee.

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Burger King complaints and reviews. Contact information. Phone number: +1 Burger King Customer Service. Reviews. Burger King Corporation. Blue Lagoon Drive Miami Florida I understood that the policy is three swirls for the ice cream I asked polity if I could get another swirl in the cup. The employee who took my Location: Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami, FL, Florida. We have given here Burger King Phone Number, and using this number you will be able to contact Burger King corporate office and customer service support department.