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28 Great Dissertation Topics Related To American History

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Secrets of Writing on History Dissertation Topics

Follow 7 I'm terrified I won't be able to write 10k words. Poica Follow 0 followers 1 badge Send a private message to Poica. Follow 8 Start with an area or topic you know interests you. Jot down some ideas. Some will be crap, some will be great. Read around, discuss with supervisor. You're asking people who are already a long way down the dissertation road, so it's going to seem scarier than it is. This is your project.

Find something that excites you and do it. Follow 9 Sorry to hijack the thread but I'm in Upper XI at the moment and have had offers to study History at university. The thing is I alread sort of know what I would like to do my dissertation on. Obviously I know it is early days and it would be best to wait until the time comes, BUT does it matter if the dissertation is not particulalry on a wide subject especially as there is not a wealth of information about her.

I know I would have to make it the given word limit which I have been lead to belive is around 10, words. Any advice would be appreciated. Follow 10 Follow 11 It sounds a bit morbid but I found a really useful article that got me interested. That's something I'd suggest if you're a bit unsure where to start; find an article from a journal and have a read to see if anything leaps out at you. North Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to North.

Follow 12 How distinctive was Pictish society compared to others in Northern Britain in the sub-Roman period? Follow 13 Original post by QI Elf Sorry to hijack the thread but Follow 14 Original post by stainedglass "Mighty Bedlam: Follow 15 Original post by wildeyedangel When i started doing my history degree i had several ideas for dissertations too, but they don't always work out like that.

For one thing you do lots of new areas of history and you might find something else you prefer - i did. More importantly though, my university says that they prefer you to do your dissertation from one ofyour 3rd year modules, and i didn't get the modules i wanted because they were oversubscribed, so think carefully about it.

If you have your heart set on Eva Braun then pick a university with a hitler expert. I go to Sheffield University, so there was until recently Ian Kershaw for that. Follow 16 Follow 17 Follow 18 Hopefully something to do with the extent to which the cultural and economic consequences of the Danelaw constituted a true 'North South divide' History and IR Dissertation Question?

Do I need to do one? Dissertation plan confusion Dissertation - how many references? Masters Introduction chapter help? The Dissertation Thread Any 3rd year students picking their dissertation topic?

Oxford or Cambridge for English. This forum is supported by: Other instructors at University of Memphis, untenured or non-tenure track instructors from other institutions, and unaffiliated scholars, with appropriate graduate faculty status may serve, but only with the approval of the committee chair and by a formal petition to the Graduate Studies Committee providing a full explanation of the reasons for the request.

After choosing the committee, fill out a committee form: Submit it to the office and Director of Graduate Studies. Develop your prospectus in close consultation with your dissertation advisor.

Your advisor should email the Director of Graduate Studies with permission for you to present only after the Dissertation Committee members have seen and approved the prospectus.

The prospectus should not be lengthy about seven pages of text and a three-page select bibliography. It should begin with a clear statement of the question your research will answer, then go on to explain why that question is important to ask its historiography , and how you propose to go about answering it your methods, your sources.

Do not include a detailed sequential literature review or description of each primary source. Include a bibliography of the most important primary and secondary sources that you expect to use. You must explain how your research will make an important contribution to historical scholarship on the historical period or subject that you are studying.

Although your dissertation may use primary sources restricted to a very narrow time and place, you must address the larger questions that you plan to engage through your research.

How will your work contribute to our understanding of larger historical issues and will it advance or revise scholarly interpretations? No local history or historical narrative suffices for a dissertation, no matter how much research is necessary to write it, unless it goes beyond the local or descriptive in its analysis.

No oral history suffices unless it critically analyzes the collected material and uses it, and other sources, both primary and secondary, to construct a coherent argument that has value beyond the stories of those you interviewed.

Be sure your name and a provisional title appear at the top of the first page, as well as the names of the chair and other members of your dissertation committee, that the pages are numbered, and that you use footnotes not endnotes when called for. Note that you may present your prospectus at any time after the comprehensive exam, even immediately afterward if your committee believes you are ready to do so.

All history faculty and graduate students are invited to this colloquy, and all other interested persons are welcome. The department schedules several dates during each fall and spring semester for these presentations.

Your oral presentation should last for no more than ten minutes, and must be purely oral, without a presentation of slides or other audio-visual materials, unless you have special permission from the Director of Graduate Studies. Obviously, some members whose work is not directly related to yours may not choose to read early drafts unless they agree and you want them to.

Within a week after that meeting the committee will provide you, in writing, a clear statement of what revisions in general would be necessary to turn it into an acceptable dissertation. This will give you adequate time in most cases to incorporate the suggestions before the deadline for the defense in the next semester.

You should also meet separately with each committee member for further advice. The defense will deal primarily with the dissertation and its relation to your major field. Your Dissertation Committee conducts the defense, and all members must attend or participate by a telephone or computer connection.

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Sep 08,  · Example history dissertation topic The race for city status: An analysis of the changing criteria for attainment - from Victoria to the Diamond Jubilee Cities As the historian John Beckett notes, ‘City status' is a much coveted municipal accolade.

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The Reformation in Wales Dissertation Topics. This is one of the most famous events of the English history, and therefore an interesting area of research for a researcher. Some of the dissertation topics in this field of history are listed as follows: “Welsh Acts”; Analysis and discussion specific to Wales.

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Stalin’s Russia Dissertation Topics. As Stalin is such a prominent figure in history, you may consider choosing your topic from the history dissertation topics below. Secrets of Writing on History Dissertation Topics If there was a subject that some students struggled through the course of their education due to the.

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History Dissertation Help: We offer online History Dissertation writing service on amazing History Dissertation Topics to students in UK. Hire our History Experts to score A+ grade in your academic exam/5(). Luckily for me, my D-Day (dissertation hand-in day) has already been and gone. But I remember it well. The 10,word spiral-bound paper squatted on my desk in various forms of completion was my Allied forces; the history department in .