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7 Of The Best Websites To Follow For Cheap Flights

What Our Customers Say About Our Service?

❶This is my first time ever booking a flight and all agents were patient and considerate in assisting me and explaining procedures. Be in the know Get trending consumer news and recalls.

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I will be a repeat customer. Your agent Rees was very helpful. After completing and booking the flights, Rees went as far as to call me back to resolve the car rental issue.

I was very pleased. I have never booked on this website before The phone help was perfect. Thank you, I'm a new customer, Maureen Stephens. Your serviced very good. He answered all my request. Representative Nathaniel was so patient and professional while obtaining a good rate for my trip. My agent was excellent.

He explained the flights and the difference in quality betwen the airlines. I realize that it is better to call rahter than reserving online because , by csalling, I got a very knowledgeable, courteous agent who too timwe to undersytand the needs of this traveler and his wife.

I have been using your service for a long time! I have never had a problem and always recommend you to people! Thank u for all the help u guys r great! Looking forward to use ur services ones again for this coming Christmas! Agent was awesome, very knowledgable and was able to help with my flight changes quickly. The best Agent I've ever dealt with! The gentleman who served me was excellent, very good double checked all the spelling and best of all was very very polite. You need more people like him to work for you were customers gets awesome service.

Thank you Jackson for your help. Your assistance was tremendously appreciated!! Cameron was extremely professional, courteous, alert to our every need, and should be considered one of your prime assets. My father is in palliative care in Hawaii. Arial and Michelle showed empathy and care. Thank you so much. The agent was very professional and personable, and accurate. I would work with her again on a booking. Sanavah help me from CheapOair and make my travel happen.

Very patient and kind while I shot down flight after flight to to destination arrival versus return departure times.

Definitely Soraya was very helpful very attentive to the customer name she was listening to me and help me with my booking the hotel I am very satisfied I will do more business with you in the future. Thank you so much Please see the notes booking , new booking. I had difficulty booking my flight online, but calling your customer service and talking to Chrisy helped me a lot and finished it without any mistakes. She is very efficient and courteous.

I realize that it is better to call rather than reserving online because , by calling, I got a very knowledgeable, courteous agent who too time to understand the needs of this traveler and his wife.

The young man was very good and very patient and made it easy for us to make reservations thank you very much. Alison was extremely helpful and went the extra mile to make sure my family got the cheapest flight. I really appreciate this as travelling with family can be expensive. The representative served me with sincere and utmost concern for my pressing need and got me better deal than I expected.

He gave me the best service for what I had to work with and best convenient timing. I am so grateful to him and CheapOair.

I use you always. My travel agent was Shemar and he was so helpful in finding and booking our flight. He is an asset to your company. My agent was very patient with me and got us the best price. I will definitely use your service again! Wright is just perfect amazing service for me!

He was so professional and work well for me. I just appreciate his warm service!! Logan at flight reservations was fantastic. He took the time to listen to my request. Very effecient and meticulous. Same comments for the rep. I am sorry I forgot his name. Both team members were exemplary customer service agents, and they are the reason I always book with CheapOair and ofcourse the great prices.

This was my first time with CheapOair, and the agent was very patient with me. Will book again through CheapOair! The person who helped me Kendrick? Edwards was amazing - efficient, clear in explaining procedures, professional. He took care of everything very well! Your agent is very good professtionla person and he know how to keep the customer in the line and do his business very well.

I am very satisfied his work. I am looking foreword to keep business with you,. Rebecca, the rep that help me, was very patient and very helpful with all my questions and concerns. Mr Knox spoke very good english was very helpful and efficient. One of the best agents I have ever encountered. She is the most capable and pleasant Agent I have ever come across. She is very detailed oriented and helpful individual. I like to have her booking the tickets for me all the time in the future.

Fraiser was wonderful help to me in changing my itenerary. I am very pleased with his service and help. Thank you Fraiser so very much! The contact centre helped me out with my cancellation. And answered my queries straight away. He was extremely helpful and got us on the flight we needed! We are very grateful to him! Thank you so much! Hello my name is Donna Allen. I was talking to Robinson Anthony in regards to a booking for my husband Edward Allen. Robinson was very informative and excellent in acquiring the right travel deals for my husband.

I am very happy and satisfied and I hope that I'm able to get him or customer sevice agents such as Robinson to aid us in all of our travel plans. This was my first time booking with CheapOair and the experience was very good.

The agent was very kind, patient and helpful. Very helpful and extremely good at his job. Because of him I will now be using CheapOair. The agent was a good man. He was very helpful in getting me a flight. I would love to use him on every booking. Good person and wish him good success. Alana was very efficient, professional and friendly. I will always use CheapOair because of how courteous the staff are good custumer service is everything.

I have used this company before for OS travel and you have never let me down with service or price. Thanks a million will surely be using ur service again..

The young man Mr. But take heart, consumers, you can continue to enjoy the ITA Matrix site at matrix. The legacy site remains a robust and fully customizable airfare search site for travelers looking for the best prices, especially on last-minute fares. You can also explore date ranges and lowest fares by utilizing the calendar view. No other site offers the capability to search for as many as six flights at one time.

If you tend to get overwhelmed by text-based searches, try the color-coded timeline chart, which highlight stops, schedules, layovers and other options through filtered hues.

The ability to see how cheap an airfare would be a day or two later or earlier has been integrated into Google Flights, but it was originally a Matrix innovation and remains a ready resource here. They are nothing but a scam. I am trying to modify my ticket which I recently purchased for my international flight from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Washington D. I have been trying to reach out to them from an international number, and all I hear is a recorded message in some foul English accent.

The first time I spoke to him he was extremely rude. From then on, after three times, I keep on hearing, "How can I help you," and they disconnect.

I sent an email request for modification, but I am yet to hear back from them regarding a ticket change. They are also charging more than the airlines. Qatar Airways for modification is dollars plus service fee and airfare. They are nothing but a complete scam. Bought a ticket via kayak. Bought a ticket, then they told me my reservation was cancelled due to credit card security issues, refund came, then I bought a ticket elsewhere instead, then airfare. Filing with the BBB, what else can I do?

I have read virtually all the other reviews, published over several years, and overwhelmingly extremely negative. These unhappy customers have almost uniformly this in common: Until, a day after I booked, I could find only my LH reservation and pending CC charge but no ticket number or other evidence that I would be able to board the an AC codeshare 4 days from now, I started to worry: I actually combined two AC codeshares: West Coast, an overnight at a Starwood airport hotel that is explicitly non-changeable, non-refundable, and the kayak-airfare.

That, I am guessing, is how consolidators work. For sickness or death cancellation one can buy travel insurance. Other changes will be costly. The alternative is to pay rack rate. My only complaint with airfare. The fact that neither of the flights show up on the AC Web site I can't log in properly anyway because I am a MileagePlus and not an Aeroplan member is disconcerting but as far as I am concerned airfare.

Your mileage no pun intended may vary, of course. It was confidence-building that I got a UA "receipt for confirmation" in seconds with ticket number and all the rest. And, after seeing the bad reviews disconcerting that I had to wait a day and a call to LH was met with Teutonic frigidity to be able to download a Passenger Itinerary Receipt from the LH Web site. It's annoying that unlike the UA receipt the LH one doesn't show my Frequent Flyer number, but I'll fix that at online check-in or at the airport.

I have noted the Kayak fare-hacking system, which I didn't use because I was willing to pay extra for that non-stop flight, and I think Kayak makes clear that you've got to book quickly and you may lose a reservation even in those minutes and, presumably, have to cancel within the hour window. Booked a trip to BKK - This company is a joke.

I'm just wondering why are they still in business. Booked a trip through Kayak, second thing you know, I got a change of date. Called them up, they said all they can do, is cancel the ticket. I was happy with Kayak, but since they're using these losers, I will never use Kayak or Airfare. I had never used Airfare. I filled out the information to book the flight and after submitting it, it was taking forever for the process to complete.

I called their agent line and the gentleman checked the transaction. He said it was a connection problem and I should refresh the screen. Do not use this booking company! I had to change the dates of my ticket and at some point, I had to deal by phone with an Airfare.

By the phone, they accepted the payment for the changed flight and they confirmed it giving the new booking number. But less than one hour later, after our call, they emailed me asking me more money and stopping the transaction because meanwhile we were sharing info in order to complete the transaction.

The price went up. In the morning, I repeat, by phone. They gave to me a new booking reference number for a new ticket and soon after, minutes later, by email, they claimed that, because the price went up, they had to cancel the transaction. I didn't know of it until later in the evening, until it was too late to act and now, thanks to their inability to do their job, I lost my ticket.

They didn't took responsibility for it. Actually, they denied to have any of it. Do not use Airfare. Actually less than nothing. In my case, I was having all the right to be upset because of their ineptitude but he showed no interest to help to find a resolution for their mistake.

Actually, he was very rude and unconcerned, even insolent and he did it as somebody who is very used too, in general, dealing with companies. I lost big money! Stay away from them! They claimed China Airlines, where I would flight to an Asian country, that canceled the whole flight. Therefore, everyone else were also got canceled, which was hard to believe. I was about to the airport for an emergency situation and now could not fly early tomorrow morning.

I bought the protection insurance and the agent said I bought it from a different company, so I may lose for that fee. I would not suggest anyone doing business with this one unless you want to be in my situation. I had never heard of this site before it was suggested by Kayak. Because of the dollar cost difference, I decided to roll the dice. The thing about discount airlines in general is that you have to be comfortable managing a degree of risk and uncertainty.

What made my experience slightly stressful was that they delayed charging my card for weeks. I sought out ways to verify that the purchase had gone through but in the end, I just waited and it did. What made it a good experience was that I called Airfare. The thoughtful thing about this process is that the itinerary allowed a six hour layover in Boston, which was more than enough time to switch terminals and then pass through customs on my return flight.

The airlines themselves did an outstanding job. Thomas Cook's Airbus was new and the attendants were polished. Sun Country was a little cramped and they charged for everything except water, coffee or sodas, but what do you want for an ultra cheap flight?

Keep in mind as you read reviews on this site that people come here to complain. I don't feel this fairly represents the experiences of most folks. I will probably use Airfare. I purchase two air tickets. At the airport our flight had to be rebooked and the airline waived all fees. The airline told us that since the ticket was booked through an agent, they had to make changes to the reservation.

I was on a call with Airfare for an hour, they spoke with the airline on my phone as well. They were giving me hard time to rebook it, finally agreed and said the confirmation will be sent within an hour, but they never sent it.

We were at the airport for hours trying to straight it out. Airfare agent Phillip confirmed on the phone that both tickets were rebooked for 2 days from that day, free of charge as discussed with the airline, that confirmation is coming. The following morning, the confirmation was still not provided. I followed up with Airfare.

They gave me runaround, told me that no one could have made the reservation as it was weekend and they just came to work on Monday what?? They suggested to talk to the airline directly, which I did, but the airline could not explain what happened as they did not issue the tickets. I spoke with another people at Airfare, no one could help. They told me that now they rebooked one of the tickets, not both. The new ticket was never issued - but the confirmation was sent.

The airline confirmed that there is no real ticket! The new confirmation, for the non existing ticket was also very confusing as it had two dates for the return flight. I called Airfare multiple times and got runaround again. I disputed the charge on my credit card. Airfare charged me for both tickets again, with no authorization! The fraud was reported and is investigated. Now I have multiple charges being investigated as a dispute, not just two original ones.

Of course we were not able to use the tickets that were never issued. Oh, we also got an automated notification, that our return flight was rebooked - to the next day This would be a disaster traveling with a small baby. Stay away, don't buy from them.

They should be closed down. The only reason we gave this company a 1 star is because they don't have the option for 0 stars. Horrible customer service, horrible to deal with. Their level of comprehension is very minimal. The willingness to help is a big 0. The rudeness is at all levels from associates to managers, they hang up the phone on you as you ask questions, very poor trained personnel. My wife purchased two tickets for her grandparents for an x day, and a few days before grandma got sick so she had to be hospitalized, so couldn't fly.

Oh my, what an ordeal to change the dates and to get answers. In our personal opinion, we would never use their service again. I bought 2 tickets with two different cards. They called to confirm these were my cards, but left voice mails telling nothing at all, just a weird guy talking nonsense. They cancel my tickets, but charged me 2 times more the tickets.

Still waiting for the refund of one of the tickets to one of my cards. These guys from Kayak or Airfare. Last time I use Kayak neither Airfare. I go back to CheapTickets. Do not use this company!!! I booked a ticket to London through Kayak and inadvertently bought the ticket through airfare.

That was a huge mistake! First, they spelled my middle name incorrectly and when I called to have it corrected, they blamed it on me and said there was no way their system could have made that error. I explained I had screenshots of my processing page with the correct name time and date stamped.

They were extremely rude and told me that if I wanted my name changed, I'd have to pay a penalty fee.

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The person with whom I spoke was amazing and he helped me out with in no time.. great experience at CheapOair. Laveena, Aug 19, this is our very first time to book thru this site. We're very happy for the outcome. we had a vivid conversation with the agent. Normally I don't write reviews, but in this case could not help myself. Worst possible site ever! Kayak directed me to this site. I purchased my ticket but wanted to change it. They quoted a price of $ for the change and $ for the fare difference/5().