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IELTS Sample essays (IELTS Writing Task 2)

IELTS Academic Task 1

❶To what extent do you agree or disagree? What about this one?

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Essential Information

Find someone who will give you accurate and helpful feedback on your work. Below are helpful guides that will take you through each of these skills step-by-step.

Making a good plan actually saves you time when you write your essay. Thinking of good ideas is one of the most challenging parts of the test for some people. This guide provides 5 different methods to help you quickly think of relevant ideas that are directly linked to the question. Complex sentences help you boost your score for grammar.

Complex sentences are actually very simple to write and are not complex at all- in this article we show you how. You should paraphrase the question in every essay and I recommend doing this in the very first sentence to help boost your vocabulary score.

Supporting paragraphs are the main body paragraphs and are the meat in the sandwich. This is where you provide the detail the examiner is looking for in the form of explanations and examples.

A thesis statement tells the examiner your opinion. This article shows you how, where and when to give your opinion. Exactly words or over words? How many words over? How do I know how many words I have? This article answers all those questions. A critical part of answering any question. This article shows you how to break down any Task 2 question and identify the keywords, micro-keywords and instruction words to help you answer the question effectively.

The introduction is the first thing the examiner reads and it is, therefore, essential that we give them a good first impression. I have a very specific sentence by sentence structure that I share in this article to help you write introductions quickly and effectively. Do you know how Task 2 is marked? What is the difference between a Band 5 and a Band 8 answer? This article breaks the marking criteria down for you and explains it in simple language so you can give the IELTS examiners exactly what they want.

A good conclusion should be a summary of your main points. The conclusion is the last thing the examiner reads and if you can write a good one you will leave them with a very good impression.

Each of your supporting paragraphs should have a specific example that supports and illustrates your main point.

This is an essential skill to learn if you want to get one of the higher band scores. Cohesive devices, sometimes called linking words, are one of the most misunderstood and misused elements of writing. Learn how to use them and when to use them here. I recorded a video of me answering a Task 2 question live and thought out loud as I recorded my computer screen. This will give you an insight into how someone with lots of IELTS experience thinks about these questions.

This article will show you how to make your writing as clear and as easy to read as possible. It will also give you advice on whether to use a pen or pencil. This is a video lesson that shows you in practical terms how to improve your coherence and cohesion score.

These structures give you a sentence-by-sentence structure for all the main Task 2 question types, making your job much easier on exam day. One thing I would like to warn you about structures is that they are not a magic wand that will help you automatically get a higher score.

They will help you, but please realise that they are just a small part of the overall score. Knowing the common topics can help you prepare for the test more efficiently. Here are the 10 most common topics over the last few years. Latest Task 2 Questions. Here are some lessons that I have used when teaching students about Task 2.

Am I familiar with the topic? Just forget those days.. The topics generally cover developmental, environmental, public well-being, socio-cultural and technological related problems. If there was no problem, there would be no reason for writing an essay, and definitely no reason for question makers to present it in your exam.

Many people believe that international tourism is a bad thing for their countries. What are the reasons? Provide solutions to change negative attitudes? In today's busy world, consumption of fast-food has increased dramatically. But frequently eating out can have serious long-term health effects. To what extent the advantages outweigh its disadvantages? Some people argue that individuals can do nothing to prevent the climate change.

Therefore, only governments and large companies can make a difference. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? Socio-Culture Consumption culture is depleting the moral fabric of the society. Some people think that modern consumerism have a negative impact on the society overall. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Technology Do social media distort people from partial worldviews? Many people believe that social media such as Facebook reinforce individuals and society to have narrow biases.

To what extent do you agree or disagree? At the end, questions are questions. A question would ask you a question by putting the question sign? If you already have a solid idea about task-2 question types, then skip this and go to the next lesson. Just give quick glance on this task Some people believe that anyone can learn to play music or sport well.

However, others believe that people must be born with talents like these Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. But, there are other types where you could see question marks. Here you see an opinion about an issue and the task asks you to write a argumentative response by supporting or rejecting that proposition. Children all over the world should learn to speak a single, universal language fluently in addition to their native language.

On this question you see two different opinions about the same issue and a question asking you to discuss both points of view and to give your own opinion about this topic.

Other people take the opposite view and feel that these large multinationals are generally harmful". Discuss both views and give your opinion. Here you see a specific viewpoint and you have to evaluate advantages and disadvantages based on that perception.

Others say it only gave us a hurry sickness, where wealways felt to be rushed and thus faster communications hardly improved our lives". What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern communication technology? On the question paper, you see a statement about a contemporary problem and then two questions. One question asks you to identify the causes or effects of the problem and the other question asks you to propose solutions to the problem.

What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest? The task presents an idea about a topic and you would be required to answer one or more questions that relate to the theme.

What factors are important in achieving happiness? Well, at the start, these categories look confusing, but it gets very understandable quickly as you go through your preparation. Did you read this lesson title- How to Write….. IF you finish in 30 minutes, what you do in the rest 10 minutes?

Well, get up and visit the exam room to see the nervous faces- making war with a pitiable piece of paper and pencil! A war to finish the essay. Understand the question 2 min Do you know what the hardest part of the writing process is? We hate to write. Who else like to sit in an exam room and struggle with a blank piece of paper when he could chat with friends outside?

But, we are forced to write sometimes in our life…an email, a letter, a job application, an IELTS essay And when you first see your IELTS writing question, you feel a 60 minutes pressure to start writing without waiting for a second.

I suggest… Take a breather to explore the ideas and topic of the task. Aka spend 2 minutes to absorb the question carefully and understand what it is asking. Behold to find out key areas of the task that cannot be overlooked in the response. Look at this task as an example: Some people believe that it is good to share as much information as possible in scientific research, business and the academic world. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. Just keep in mind that you need to cover all these key areas in your answer.

Explore the key discussion areas of the task is powerful… Sweetly, these are the keys to generate or think topic related ideas. Just ask yourself 3 basic questions below and wait for the magic to happen. Tons of ideas will sprout in your mind if you do so. And as they appear in your mind, quickly write them down in the question booklet not in the answer sheet. Here are the questions you need to ask yourself about the task: Think about some sensitive areas where the claims fail.

Sharing as much as information is good in the field of scientific research. Sharing scientific information about nuclear weapons design can be insane. What is unjust about the claim? Simply think about some areas where the claim contradicts itself. It is good to share as much information as possible in business. Businesses could not outperform rivals by sharing too much insider information.

What could strengthen the claim? Lastly, think how you can make the claim more reasonable, may be, by adding or changing some words.

It is good to share as much information as possible in scientific research, business and the academic world, unless they do not cause any risk to anybody. Now, by now, I can almost guarantee that some solid ideas are emerging in your dizzy mind.

I bet, at this stage, you are going to somewhere from nowhere. These 3 magic questions will certainly power you up to think about a number of answering ideas. Write the Essay 18 min Alright, now, after all this you should be ready to start the writing process. A good essay follows this simple structure: Introduction -3 Minute An IELTS essay begins with an introduction to quickly "introduce" the reader to the topic and to state your main arguments.

In other words, here you tell the reader what the essay is about. You should avoid long, extended introductions and thus make it short and get right to the point. With that said… You should spend more time in writing body paragraphs. I suggest you to write just 3 sentences in the introduction: In the first 2 sentences, restate the topic in your own words. See the example below: Describe the situation Our lives have been revolutionized by the way we share scientific research, business and the academic information with others around the world so generously.

Write about both views in your own words Some would argue that it would be better to share any information without any restrictions, while others argue that some information is too precious to be shared freely.

Remember, well written body paragraphs will help bring you high band score. And it is tough to write-this is where the sweating starts.

One of the reasons why students struggle here is because any writing itself is hard. This heavy lifting is imperative. I know this sounds like a lot of work for one language test to meet. And I am telling you to do it all in 30 minutes? I challenge you to take it, use it, and see your paragraph writing skills improve by leaps. The 4-point body paragraph framework: Thinking too much slows you down and distracts you from your purpose and points of the essay development.

Look at the question again and find what it asks for. Did you get a look? The task asks you to discuss this view: Now, I want to think of a very simple sentence that resonates with this view. What about this one? The notion of sharing knowledge regardless any field is indeed a good practice.

That dreaded feeling when you sit down, but… you got nothing. Now, I must warn you about something: When writing the topic, you must follow certain basics: It fits with the task arguments. It states a single main point or position. It is something you can show, explain, or prove. As because, it points towards your task achievement- the examiner will look for if you develop main ideas with specific support, including specific details and examples. So, the facts or evidence are must to prove the main ideas of your body paragraphs.

Now, the question is: Can you relate any examples, facts, or evidence that back up your main point. To remind you the main point is: For instance, it is sharing of ideas and doctrines that help mankind to evolve and sustain so far.

Here we are saying the history of human would not come to this far without sharing information. How about when human share the basics of the creation and control of FIRE? This was the first invention of mankind that allowed their geographic dispersal, cultural innovations, and changes to diet and behavior. But, giving only the example is not enough to make your claim convincing. When you state any example, you know everything about it. The only problem is that the reader has no idea what it supposes to mean.

In that case, you need to explain this in additional sentences. In other words, discuss the evidence. I am going to recap the whole thing for your understanding: Now, I want to make this example more convincing..

It means that incubating intelligence can only hinder the progress potentials of scientific innovation, trades and academic research. In either way, an example sounds more academic with some added discussions. So, you can repeat the point by stating the outcome of your discussion. Four sentences on 4 points: Now, rinse and repeat the same technique to write the second body paragraph by focusing on the second view of the task.

For example, you can write the second body paragraph as: However, certain information outburst can lead to negative ramification on scientific to business sphere. For example, critical information leakage from a big company and a sensitive nuclear or bio-chemical research project can be sometimes lethal.

With that said, corporate like Apple maintains their market share over the years by protecting technological secrets that give them an edge over competitors. I wonder, are you still there? Remember, you do not need to explain your opinion.

Write it in the light of your arguments from both sides.

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IELTS writing courses, online essays, report writing, ielts writing samples ACADEMIC WRITING TASK 2 In Academic Task 2 of the Writing module, you are given brief details of an opinion, an argument or a problem, and have to produce an extended piece of discursive writing in response.

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IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 is the second of two writing tasks on the IELTS. Even though Task 1 is by no means easy, most students find IELTS Writing Task 2 more challenging. The purpose of this guide is to help you master the IELTS Writing Task 2 skills you need in order to do well on this important section of the IELTS exam.

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The Writing Task 2 of the IELTS test requires you to write at least words. You will be presented with a topic and will be tested on your ability to respond by giving and justifying an opinion, discussing the topic, summarizing details, outlining problems, identifying possible solutions and. Achieve Band for IELTS Writing Task 2 with Model Essays of Band , best IELTS Writing books, lessons and top tips for IELTS Writing.

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Lesson 6: IELTS Academic writing task 2 tips and tricks to Boost Your band score So far, we discuss about the process of writing IELTS essays. The key with writing essay is to come up with some ideas and deliver them with a structure. This is the second section of your IELTS Academic Writing test. You should spend about 40 minutes on it. Write about the following topic: Task 2 A person’s worth nowadays seems to be judged according to social status and material possessions.